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This versatile boot is based on the Russian style jack boot which sits much higher (right under the top of the calf). It has no zipper, and sports the side adjustment strap.

Possible Character: Mud Trooper, ICAT Driver, ISB Officers, Imperial Officers
Timeline: NE
Material: Leather
Fit: Regular
Style: High Calf
Closure: /

MK Gen: V – last update July 2022
Origin: Screen Reference

A critical component of any costume, even the armoured ones, footwear cannot be overlooked when it comes to a quality build. An excellent replica of those used on screen, crafted to emulate those used on set, this will make a very fine addition to your overall costume.

Remember for best visual impact, weathering is welcome and maybe required. You may also decide to do some minor adjustments/fitting for extra comfort.
All available sizes are listed above, we only provide standard sizing unless otherwise described. Pictures for reference only, may be subject to updates.

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