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As we add more costumes and accessories to the list, these are the most sought after items of the past 6 months.

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To ensure that everyone always gets their gear within a reasonable time frame, I open the shop for a limited number of days known as a“Wave”. I collect all the orders and organize the production schedule. Typically most orders ship between two waves, some orders may take slightly longer depending on demand.


Once you’ve ordered, you should get a recap email ( as always do check your junkmail). Once payment is received and your order is entered in the production sheet, it will be marked as processing. When finished, your order goes to our transporter and as soon as it is shipped you will get a tracking number.


Upon getting your order you have 7 days to contact me if something is not right (wrong/missing items, quality issue…) – we will work to find the best way to fix this.  If your orders gets lost (rare occurrence) we will work through the process of getting you a replacement package.