Rebel Fleet Trooper Shirt

US $119.90

Ma\1 Updates:
New Fabric: thicker cotton
New Pattern: resizing front flap, adjusted closing zipper, shirttail hem

Timeline: OT
Material: Oxford Cotton

Fit: Straight
Style: Shirt
Closure: Zipper + Snaps

Origin: Screen Reference

Pictures for reference only.

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The Ma1 design originates from a complete review of CRL’s published as of November 2023 to be the most compliant design to date. We have reworked all design patterns to cover the latest updates and beyond.

Male Body Form

Female Body Form

Remember for best visual impact, weathering is welcome and maybe required. You may also decide to do some minor adjustments/fitting for extra comfort.

A critical component of any costume, even the armored ones, clothing and footwear cannot be overlooked when it comes to a quality build.

Wash Less, Wash Cold , Line Dry