Tanker Jodphur

US $129.90

The trousers comes with the lower leg lacing grommets our trooping friendly veclro front closure which allows for a fast and easy on/off- no more broken zippers. It also has 2 hidden pockets to carry the essentials when trooping

Possible Character: At-Act Driver , Combat Assault Tank Driver, Combat Assault Tank Commander
Timeline: NE
Material: Cotton
Fit: Slightly Tapered
Style: Trousers
Closure: Velcro
Pockets: Hidden
Waist: Straight Elastic

MK Gen: V – last update July 2022
Origin: Screen Reference

A critical component of any costume, even the armoured ones, clothing cannot be overlooked when it comes to a quality build. An excellent replica of those used on screen, crafted to emulate those used on set, this will make a very fine addition to your overall costume.

Remember for best visual impact, weathering is welcome and maybe required. You may also decide to do some minor adjustments/fitting for extra comfort.
All available sizes are listed above, we only provide standard sizing unless otherwise described. Pictures for reference only, may be subject to updates.

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